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Month: October 2015

blog_img1 Are There Options After a DWI Conviction? October 13, 2015

The information provided and the views expressed on this site are NOT LEGAL ADVICE. Legal advice can only be obtained by individual consultation about a specific matter with an attorney licensed in the relevant jurisdiction. The image of the judge’s gavel hitting the desk after the verdict has been announced seems to be very final and definitely changes the course of the future for the defendant standing at the table. However, if you have previou...

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blog_img1 Comparing Attorneys to Find the Best One October 5, 2015

When you go shopping you commonly compare similar products to determine which is the one you want to purchase based on the quality and cost. Similarly, there are many different lawyers that advertise on the Internet as self-described NJ DWI experts: but the real test is their record of success or failure. The only way to find the best is to compare and see whose record stands above the rest based on hard facts and a record of success. The pro...

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