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  • Finding a Good DWI Lawyer

    Finding a good DWI lawyer is always difficult. One way is to search on major search engines like Google or Bing to look for a good DWI lawyer. Another method can be an old fashioned way; you may want to ask your friends, families, and co-workers for a referral. Either way, finding a good DWI lawyer would be the most critical thing when you want to defend your DWI charge effectively.

    To assist the public in making such an important decision as selecting a DWI or criminal defense attorney in New Jersey, we offer a list of successful cases in defending our clients from DWI, DUI, motor vehicle, and criminal charges. We believe proven results tell you more than anything.

    Just to introduce you to a few of Attorney Baffuto’s courtroom successes, you can visit:

    Here you can see two (2) successful cases.

    1) Criminal Case in Jersey City, NJ.

    Client was charged with multiple criminal charges including Resisting Arrest, Possession of a crack pipe, Drug Distribution and Conspiracy. This matter was first in the Superior Court in Hudson County. To make the case more complex, Client was also a non-U.S. citizen who was staying in America on a work visa. If the client were convicted for these crimes, his immigration status would have been jeopardized. So defending these criminal charges was critical to protect the Client’s future life in America.

    After I was retained as a criminal attorney in Jersey City and fought this case for more than 6 months, the case was remanded to Jersey City Municipal Court. After numerous hearings and court appearances, all criminal charges were dismissed. The Client’s immigration status was protected and Client was able to continue to work in New Jersey. Client stated that finding a good criminal defense lawyer was the most important thing and that Client was extremely grateful to me.

    2) A DUI charge dismissed against a repeat offender defended by Jersey City DWI lawyer Bartholomew Baffuto.

    I would like to share another successful story in Jersey City. Client was a repeat DUI offender charged with a DUI offense in Jersey City, NJ. The charge was quite old and certain records could not be found due to its age.

    After being retained, I demanded all records necessary to defend the case. I was successful in having the DUI NJ charge against this repeat offender dismissed. You can see how important it is to find a good DWI and criminal defense lawyer in New Jersey when you want to defend your case to the fullest.

    Jersey City DWI lawyer
    Bartholomew Baffuto, Esq.
    Tel: 201-849-4420

    We have a satellite office in Jersey City, near Exchange Place at PATH station. Please call to make an appointment for consultation.

    101 Hudson St., Jersey City, NJ 07302.

  • Opening of a New Satellite Office in Belvidere, Warren County

    It is with the greatest pleasure that I announce the opening of a new satellite office in Belvidere, Warren County.

    We appreciate all clients who have confidence in and loyalty to our office.  Now we are able to expand our office presence to Warren County. Continue reading →

  • BrAC = 0.23, “Not Guilty of a DWI”*

    Prospective clients sometimes ask me this question:

    “I saw on your website that you beat a DWI with a reading of 0.23. Is it really true?”

    The answer is “Yes, that’s true. My client was not found guilty of a DWI.”

    Although there is no guarantee of a successful outcome in any particular case and results may vary depending on particular facts and legal circumstances, I defeated the State’s evidence against that client who was alleged to have produced a Breath Alcohol Concentration (BrAC) of 0.23. The client was not found guilty of the DUI charge. Continue reading →

  • Opening of a New Satellite Office in Dover, Morris County

    We are happy to announce the opening of a new satellite office in Dover Town, Morris County.

    As a DWI attorney that takes cases all over the state, having multiple office locations to accommodate clients from throughout the state has been important.   We have had three office locations so far: Fort Lee office and Elizabeth office to accommodate clients in North Jersey, and Neptune City office to accommodate those at the Jersey Shore and in Central and South Jersey. Continue reading →

  • How to Choose the Best Lawyer for Your DUI Case: – inside insights – Part 3

    I am pleased at the responses from clients and the public that found our “inside insights” very helpful.  We hope this information will help make easier the important but difficult decision process of choosing a lawyer. Here Part 1 & 2 continues. Continue reading →

  • How to Choose the Best Lawyer for Your DUI Case: – inside insights – Part 2

    Happy New Year and welcome to our Blog. Here Part 1 continues.

    1. Don’t be Fooled by Some Review Sites

    Many people resort to the internet to look for a good DUI lawyer to defend their case.   While the internet is a powerful resource for learning various things within a short time, we need to sort out accurate information.

    As you may know, Google is constantly implementing new algorithms to display search results.  Such filtering and selecting always affects search results when doing online research. Continue reading →

  • How to Choose the Best Lawyer for Your DUI Case: – Inside Insights – Part 1

    Following a DUI arrest in New Jersey, the municipal court often schedules the first court date very quickly.   You may feel pressure to find and to retain a lawyer before that date; but you should take your time and search to find the right & the best lawyer to defend your case.  Choosing the right lawyer is the MOST IMPORTANT thing you will do to protect your rights and defend yourself.
    Continue reading →

  • We Have Moved Our Main Office

    I am pleased to announce that in the summer of 2014 we have moved our main office to Neptune City, New Jersey.

    Our new office is located only two blocks away from the Consolidated Municipal Court of Neptune City, Avon-By-Sea, and Bradley Beach. We are also minutes away from major shore towns including Belmar, Asbury Park, Spring Lake, and Manasquan. Continue reading →

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